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CMMC Instructor Program

CMMC Instructor Program

As part of establishing the assessor cadre for the CMMC Ecosystem, the Cybersecurity Assessors & Instructors Certification Organization (CAICO) trains and tests a pool of instructors who are experienced in delivering training, either in-person or via virtual classroom settings. These instructors also complete provisional assessor training with the CAICO to have an overall comprehensive knowledge of the CMMC Framework. The CAICO Provisional Instructor (PI) program was established to provide training and validation for individual trainers who will be responsible for training assessors through the approved Licensed Training Provider (LTP) network and for providing subject matter expertise in the creation of Licensed Publishing Partner (LPP) curriculum development.

As a provisional program it will remain in place until the release of the CMMC-AB Certified Instructor (CCI) certification program, the timing of which is pending.

It is important that individuals seeking assessor training know that only training delivered by Provisional Instructors through an approved Licensed Training Provider (LTPs) is valid for preparing for the CAICO certification programs. The Department of Defense and the CAICO will be using the administrative tracking protocols employed between the CAICO and LTPs to validate the assessors who are trained and certified to conduct CMMC Assessments.


The following steps should be completed in order to ensure you meet the requirements for enrollment into the CMMC instructor program.

Step1: Meet Provisional Instructor Minimum Qualifications

Provisional Instructors must meet elevated criteria and experience requirements. A CMMC Provisional Instructor will go through hybrid and accelerated CMMC Assessor training. If you have the prerequisite experience listed below, begin the application process in step 2, if not please go to the Assessors page to begin your journey as an assessor:

  • CMMC Provisional Assessor (PA); or
  • Certified CMMC Professional (CCP) (upon passing the CCP certification exam to be launched in Oct 2022); or
  • 10+ years’ experience conducting evidence-based assessments in cyber or other information technology field including ISO, FedRAMP, CMMI, RMM CERT, DIBCAC or similar; or
  • Proven experience as a consultant or leader in Cybersecurity for at least 20 years and qualifying for DOD 8570 IAM Level III certification; and
  • 2+ years of instructor/teaching experience within the information technology/security field, preferably within the cybersecurity field

Step 2: Complete Provisional Instructor Application Process:

  1. Complete Certified CMMC Professional Application Process:
    CCP Enroll Here
  2. Complete: Provisional Instructor Application
  3. Submit to application to:
  4. Once your application has been processed and accepted; you will be notified within 10 business days via email to register and complete payment for one of the Provisional Instructor Training events listed below (payment due at the time of registration)  
    1. $3500 for new Provisional Instructors
    2. $2500 for Existing Provisional Assessors

Step 3: Transition from Provisional Instructor (PI) to Certified CMMC Instructor (CCI)

  • Take CMMC-AB Provisional Instructor (PI) Class
  • Pass CMMC-AB Provisional Instructor (PI) Exam
  • Pass Certified CMMC-AB Instructor (CCI) Exam within six months of its official launch


Important: As of October 15th, 2021, the CMMC-AB will no longer issue provisional assessor (PA) badges as part of this program for a candidate that is not associated (*Independent) with an LTP at the time of PI application submission. However, all Provisional Instructors (PI) will complete the provisional assessor course as part of their preparation for the PI training.

*For an Independent PI to become a Certified Assessor post Oct 15th, 2021, after successfully earning a Certified CMMC Professional (CCP) certification at a Licensed Training Provider (LTP), an individual would then follow the assessor process to complete certification, assessment participation and suitability check.


Provisional Instructor (PI) Class Schedule for 2022:

 January 18-20 

April 5-7

 July 12-14

 October 11-13

 February 8-10

 May 10-12

 August 9-11

 November 15- 17

 March 15-17

 June 14-16

 September 13-15

 December 13-15

March 29-31




About the Provisional Instructor (PI) Course:

The Provisional Instructor (PI) training consists of both an asynchronous (self-paced) online component and a synchronous (live) online component. The asynchronous (self-paced) training is comprised of five modules that prepare the CMMC instructor in techniques, timing, virtual platform technologies, and Licensed Partner Publisher content for CMMC instruction. During the three-day synchronous (live) online component students will be given the opportunity to put their expertise in front of their fellow PI candidates during the student presentation module.

Students will also be enrolled in the Provisional Assessor (PA) training which consists of asynchronous (self-paced) online content. Students MUST complete the self-paced content prior to being enrolled in the PA exam.

Provisional Instructor (PI) Course will be sunset upon the release of the CCI program, which is expected in late 2022 to early 2023


Citizenship Requirements

No citizenship requirements, review Assessor certification citizenship requirements

CMMC-AB Refund Policy for Instructor Training

  • Application fees are non-refundable or transferable.
  • Refunds for any fee, except Application fees, requested within 30 days shall be fully refundable upon review and approval by the CAICO. 
  • Exam fees paid shall only be transferable to another named person from the same organization only if related services have not commenced.
  • Provisional Instructor (PI) course refunds are as follows:
    • After student begins Provisional Assessor (PA) course, prior to PI course = $2500 (refund of PI course, minus $1,000 PA course)
    • After competition of PI course = $0 (no refund)
  •  All other fees outside of these conditions shall not be refundable.


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