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CMMC CommunityEcosystem Participants and Professions

How do I become a member?

Membership into the Cyber AB community, and visibility within the CMMC marketplace, is reserved for those organizations and individuals that successfully complete and pass their respective application and onboarding process, which includes formal review and authorization by the Cyber AB.

Active membership is granted for annual periods, and has successive renewal and recertification requirements to maintain status. For certified OSCs, status is granted for three (3) years.

Membership Guidelines

All members are required to have a basic understanding of the CMMC framework, pass a background check and attest to a rigorous code of conduct. These criteria will be managed throughout the automated enrollment process.

Criteria for entry of specific ecosystems professions and organizations can be found at CMMC Professions.


Members Perspectives
Tom G., Registered Professional (2020)

CMMC credentials have provided me with the necessary access to prepare well over a dozen organizations for their attestation in the past year.

James T., Registered Professional (2021)

The Cyber AB is an excellent source for clarifying the changes taking pace across the CMMC ecosystem.

Cheryl H., Provisional Assessor (2021)

The assessment courses to become an Assessor were of high quality and well structured.

Parth P., Registered Professional (2021)

I have personally been interested in helping my clients achieve DoD level cybersecurity readiness to support their businesses.

Cincy B., Licensed Training Provider (2021)

Our organization welcomes being a pioneer in an unprecedented movement to secure our nations digital defense supply chain.