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The Cyber AB Endorses the National Cybersecurity Strategy and Urges Faster Adoption of Third-Party Supply Chain Cybersecurity Validation

March 03, 2023


CMMC Accreditation Body Applauds the Emphasis on Leveraging Existing Cybersecurity Frameworks and Harmonizing Industry Requirements 

(National Harbor, MD, March 3, 2022) - The Cyber AB, the official accreditation body of the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) initiative, today announced its endorsement and support for the White House’s new National Cybersecurity Strategy. Citing the Strategy’s emphasis on defending critical infrastructure, harmonizing cybersecurity compliance requirements for industry, and imposing costs upon global cyber threat actors, the organization views the Administration’s approach as an affirmation of the CMMC initiative.

“We applaud this effort by the Office of the National Cyber Director and welcome the shift to rebalancing cybersecurity responsibilities and the realigning of cybersecurity incentives that the Strategy calls for,” said Matthew Travis, CEO of The Cyber AB. “We see CMMC aligning directly to many of the Strategy’s objectives.”

“CMMC’s foundational tenets echo Pillar One of the Strategy, which includes establishing cybersecurity requirements that support national security and scaling public-private collaboration to defend critical infrastructure,” Travis continued. 

“We are also pleased to see the call for harmonizing cybersecurity requirements and believe the best way to harmonize requirements for critical infrastructure is to embrace a unifying standard, which is what NIST SP 800-171 is designed to be. CMMC provides a scalable framework with third-party validation that can and should be utilized within other sectors and throughout government contracting to manage digital risk within supply chains,” Travis said, calling attention to the Strategy’s aim to leverage federal procurement to improve industry accountability.

CMMC also imposes costs on cyber threat actors by making it more difficult to compromise networks that process, transmit, or store Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) and Federal Contract Information (FCI).

“This Strategy is a great start, and I hope it serves as a compelling catalyst for all of us to move forward with more urgency and alacrity to secure our data and protect our networks,” stated Travis. 

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